How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Camera

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Reading Time: 5 minutesPhotos are memories captured and immortalized. Whether print or digital, photos remind people of precious memories like weddings and birthdays. This is why photos are extremely important – and people get to invest money in good photographers and cameras (like Canon!) to capture these special moments.

However, in the tech industry, one wrong click of a finger can cause you to delete all these precious memories. So, in this article, we will teach you how to recover deleted photos from Canon camera. If you are in this sticky situation, read on.

Situations When Files Get Deleted From Canon Camera

Technology, with all its fine points and benefits, can be a tricky thing to manage. Even though there are processes and systems in place that can help manage technology, it is not full proof. There will always be areas where technology can fail people.

Cameras in particular are susceptible to technical failures. One of the most common technical glitches in cameras is the accidental deletion of photos for whatever reason. If you are wondering what the situations are when files get deleted from a camera, specifically a Canon Camera, here they are:

✂️ SD Card Corruption

One of the main reasons why photos get deleted in cameras is because of SD card corruption. SD card corruption can happen in many ways. The first one is that there may be physical damage to your SD card. Another common reason is the transfer process where you might have accidentally ejected your drive while the transfer process is ongoing.

Lastly, computer viruses can also corrupt your SD card and delete all your files and photos. Any of the reasons above may be the reason why you have data loss in your Canon camera.

📩 File Transfer to PC

Another reason why there may be data loss in your Canon camera is because of the transfer process. Often, the transfer process is quite sensitive because it is highly dependent on cables or the strength of your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal.

The stability of these connections will ultimately lead to the success of the completion of the transfer process or its failure. When handled incorrectly (i.e., loss of signal strength, ejection of cables), it can lead to data loss.

🔥 Formatting Accident

Formatting your gadget means that you are putting it on a blank slate. This means that you are deleting all your downloaded software, apps, contacts, and even photos. From a software perspective, it is almost as if you have a new gadget.

Formatting is a great functionality to have in some scenarios, but it is also dangerous. More often than not, people accidentally hit the format button, and it wipes out every photo they have in their Canon camera.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Canon Camera

Losing your precious photos can be a bummer, but with Disk Drill, you can easily recover your photos from your Canon camera.

Disk Drill is a file and photo recovery software where you can recover up to 500 MB of files with its free version. You can also use free data protection with Recovery Vault, free byte-level backups of your storage media, and the ability to preview lost files before performing a recovery.

Here are the steps to use Disk Drill to recover deleted photos on the Canon camera.

  1. Go to the Disk Drill Recovery Software website and click Free Download if you want basic features or Upgrade to Pro if you want more sophisticated features. You will receive a prompt to start installing the Disk Drill Recovery Software on your laptop or disk drill from official web site
  2. Click Agree and Continue on the End-User License Agreement to proceed.agree EULA Disk Drill
  3. Scanning Process. Сonnect an SD card from your camera using a card reader. Remember that scanning for the whole device makes it easier for Disk Drill to recover the lost files and photos. Once you have selected the recovery location, click the Search for Lost Data button so Disk Drill can search for any potentially lost data in your drive.Start scan canon sd card with disk drill
  4. Preview Lost Files. After the scan has been completed, you can preview the recovered files before deciding to recover them and transfer them to your drive.preview found photos
  5. Select Files to Recover. Once you know the photos you want to recover, you can go ahead and select them so you can recover and transfer the photos you want to your drive. To do this, you need to check the box to the left for the photos you want to recover from your Canon camera. You also have the choice to either restore the whole drive or choose the parts you want to recover.
  6. Recover Deleted Files. The last step is to click Recover, and in just six easy steps, you have recovered all your lost photos from your Canon camera. You would need to choose the drive you want to save your lost photos in. A quick rule of thumb is not to choose the same device where you have lost all your data in the first place.recover files from canon sd card with disk drill

How to Increase Chances for Successful Data Recovery from Canon Camera

One of the best ways to increase chances for successful data recovery from a Canon camera is for you to start data recovery as soon as possible. In this way, you will have better chances to retrieve your photos better because there is no new data coming in.

And there you have it! In just six easy steps, you can recover your lost photos so you can have something to look back on and reminisce about those sweet and perfect moments you want to capture. However, it is important to note that the best way for you to not lose these photos is to always have a backup, which you can have either in the cloud or an external storage.